ILWI Truck And Trailer Repair is a truck repair service, that provides quick and well-priced mobile truck repair, fueling, tire repair, and heavy-duty towing services. Get a quick high-quality expertized help and get back on the road!


Looking for mobile truck repair? Need a quick and professional help? Call ILWI and we will get you back on the road fast!

Computer Diagnostics

Our computer diagnostic will help to find the problem quickly and precisely. Our mechanics will do the rest of the job.


Tire repair/replacement for all types of trucks, semis, trailers, buses and RV's. All sizes and brands of tires are available!


Heavy-duty local and long-distance towing for any type of semi-trucks, box-trucks, trailers and more!

Out of Fuel

Out of fuel? Need someone to bring you few gallons? Not a problem - ILWI is here for you! We will tank your truck, so you’ll get back on the road as fast as you can.

Jump Start

Stalled out?
ILWI will help to jump start!

Call us at (262) 515-9504 and get your truck back on the road.

Save your time and money

Call us (262) 515-9504 and we will take care of your truck!

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